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Here you will find a bit of information about myself, feel free to contact me by joining my premium content page and talk more! 

Hello, my name is Jessi Q, some of you know me as Queen Leylla as well. Either name is fine, but I prefer Jessi, I think it fits me better and goes well with my image.

I am an amateur model creating content for everyone who enjoys it. I hope there are a lot of people in this category, I mean the ones who enjoy what I do.

I love posing sexy and taking hot pictures of my body, and hopefully you enjoy watching my content. I would say my content is a  mixture of styles, so sometimes you can see me naughty and some times you can see me being really nice and calm. I tend to be much more attracted to vintage deigns, but also adding some modern aspects to it, so you will find some of these things in my work.

The best way to understand my art is simply by watching it, so I invite you to check all my work by accessing the links below.

Make yourself comfortable and relax, you will have a really nice experience watching my content! Kisses! 

Jessi Q

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